Valeriya, 21 Jahre, Russland, Tjumen
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Antwortrate: 1%
Vorname: Valeriya
Alter: 21
Ort: Russland, Tjumen
Sternzeichen: Jungfrau
Körpergröße: 170cm
Augenfarbe: blau
Haarfarbe: rötlichbraun/rot
Körperbau: schlank
Sie haben: Sommersprossen
Häufigkeit des Trinkens von Alkohol: gelegentlich, überwiegend in Gesellschaft
Ihre Aktivitäten: Der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm (Frühaufsteher)
Mit folgenden angaben: Verification mittels Telefon
Familienstand: ledig
Möchten Sie Kinder haben?: unentschlossen
Ihre Prioritäten im Leben:
Geistiges Wachstum
Stabilität , Sicherheit
Ausbildung: Bachelor
Berufsbezeichnung: Finanz/ Buchhaltung
Alter: 21 - 37
Land: Beliebige
Augenfarbe: Beliebige
Haarfarbe: Beliebige
Ist es ok, wenn er/sie Kinder hat?: Ja
Körperbau: Beliebige
Volkszugehörigkeit: Beliebige

Antworten auf einige Fragen

Wie würden Sie sich selbst beschreiben?
Fuck how I want to write a bright phrase that will attract a lot of attention, but I decided not to spend a lot of time on the questionnaire.
I'm not looking for anything supernatural here. We are all unique, each person is unique in its own way.
Moreover, the most extraordinary are those people who do not try their best to seem so. From this comes the first and most important "requirement": be yourself. Don't pretend to be someone you're not. Believe me, it's very noticeable. Sooner or later you will become uncomfortable and disgusting this mask, you will hurry to remove it. Removing the mask, you will feel the long-awaited freedom, but will all the people who liked to communicate with that "mask"remain with you? It's not an easy question. It will be much more difficult to remove it, so it is better not to wear it initially. We are all shy of something, afraid of something, but why is this all? I, for example, am not shy about the fact that at the time of writing this post, I eat pasta with sausages and I like this simple Soviet dish. So why are you embarrassed about yourself?
You should not receive the Nobel prize and be listed in the Guinness book of world records as the person with the most talents. Not at all, this is not a prerequisite for communicating with me. Just be Human. Alive, sincere, real. The way it is. Is that too much to ask?